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Anti Work Schedule

Jun 08, 2021

I used to follow a schedule inspired after reading Cal Newport's Deep Work and Rework by Jason Fried but I never enjoyed the process. Especially during this work from home times where my sleep, work, gym and entertainment were all at the same place. I hated it and was frustrated since I was sleepy or didn't feel like working on the scheduled time slot or maybe I was doing it all wrong.

I assigned particular time for entertainment at which time I didn't feel like being entertained, example Sundays were supposed to be my freedom days where I don't touch my work but I felt like working some hours and was actually bored since I was searching forcefully to watch a movie because I can't work. It was quite stupid.

So I switched and completely removed all schedule except for essential deliverable and basic stuff like exercise and food. I don't know about my productivity since I can't measure it with current system. I could use my app usage in mac but I certainly have a peace of mind and I'm not that stressful as I was before.

Being sheldon is hard and not really necessary.