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Zero to Free Launch

Jun 09, 2021

This is a resource list for upcoming entrepreneurs and fellow indiehackers who are launching a new project. I launched aureliocbt.com with $0 in cost and here's how to do it -

  • Use Firebase - It makes things way easier and brings your launch date much much earlier, with a managed service and it's completely free till you start making some money.

  • Segment Startup Program - This provides tons of resorces including free analytics credits for segment, email marketing with customer.io for 1 year free, product analytics Mixpanel for 1 year free, Heap 1 yr Free, and so many more services which would allow for more experimentation.

  • YC Startup School - This for people who need AWS ($3000) and Google Gloud credits ($2000). Also if you join Wework you also get free AWS credits ($5000), you can apply only one of the credits in AWS so a max of $5000 - 1 month wework charge.

  • SMTP Server - Firebase Auth sends all auth related emails. If you need smtp server, Postmark gives $75 to bootstrappers if you contact their support team that comes around for 7 months free.

Are there any other free services for startups ? Send me your thoughts.