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Downgrading is good

Jun 08, 2021

When I downgraded my goals, expectations, and lifestyle I get a weird sense of calm. I don't know how and why it happens maybe because I always keep setting the bar too high, which means I'm recalibrating myself.

I'm an ambitious person as a result if I see anything that's inefficient I have that urge to make it right and make it more productive but in that pursuit of perfection I tend to hurt a lot of people around me who love and care for me, my family and close friends. I recently heard this, Friedrich Nietzsche said that in order to be authentic to yourself you have to stay away from society since social norms controls us and they are a hinderance to your authenticity, and being authentic is beyond good and evil.

How downgrading helps?

I don't intend to hurt people around me but I still want to pursue my passion, both are my authentic selves. So I have unconsciously developed a lifestyle. I give my best for my goals for a fixed amount of time, it varies from 6 months to couple years, and then alternate with my other authentic self, I spend most of my time with family and friends. It's like a wave moving from complete work to complete love. That's why some part of the year I'm coding 24/7 and other half completely enjoying my time, or regularly making calls to my parents and relatives and other time completely ignore incoming calls too.

It's a roller coaster and I think it has its pros and cons. But I was largely successful because people who love me always waited for my wave to surface so they can be with me. I'm thankful to each and every one of them.